16 Jul 2009


Green and orange in the yellow maggi in a black frying pan.

The green grass all around the grey runway[the view outside my balcony]

A professional all dressed up sharing the same table with a street vendor.

A mother holding her child’s hands en-route to school as the auto driver takes a sharp turn.

A young guy looking all tense, half -running-half walking; while an old man follows with books in his hands smiling.

The house on my way to office with a beautiful mural of pebbles and masks .

A guy standing on one side of the road, leaning on the lamp-post and looking at a girl on the other side struggling with the n number of things in her hand.
He smiles.

I smile. :)


  1. a whole series of smiles haan?pretty good balcony you have got...and even more precious is to be able to while away time..im jealous..