22 Apr 2010

the conversation that never was -1

"So say you'll watch over me
When I'm in too deep
Tell me you'll always be
There to pull me free"

what will it be like to have someone to watch over you?

you are down he comes to you pats u and says it will be ok,
you do not listen ...
he looks at you... you start with swear words..pleading him to get away.
he dsnt..he looks at you...
you shreik...shout...go hysterical...asking him to leave.
he slaps you...
you are stunned.
you look at him.
tears in your eyes.
he hugs you, says "it will be ok"
you whisper a silent 'i love you'...

what will it be like to have some one watch over you?



  1. sweet... but I say why just whisper.. LET's scream.. let the whole world know...



  2. Awww...VB...
    I also want someone to watch over me...at least sometimes...all the time would be quite unnerving...
    But sometimes...yes...so tempting n comforting a thought!
    N jab tak koi nahi milta...let’s watch over ourselves or do so for each other:-)

  3. @ FL: yeah is =)

    @Rishi: hush hush!! relax yahoo-man !! =)

    @suruchi: yeah exactly my thoughts "sometimes"!!.
    maine ye post likha and then i realised that i would not want someone to watch over me all the time...it is creepy and i know it will drive me nuts and i would run into oblivion...but those "sometimes" are really difficult.
    i would have removed the post but then i got all the comments to i let it stay!

  4. its gud if someone watches u but sometimes its unnerving if someone watches with binoculars :P

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  6. haha nice and so romantic:) me like your blog :)

  7. @vintage obsession: heloo!! thnks =)

    @booklover: thnks!