1 Apr 2010

wild times

i was driving on a happy Sunday, singing the highway song;
 i saw an elephant tall and strong.

i thought i'd drive past. i waited. i honked.
he did not budge. he did not move. he stood. he stared.

i glared at him,
he glared back.

i showed him the finger,
he took me out of the car and threw me aside.

moral of the story 1: a finger is no match to the trunk. 
moral of the story 2:never mess with an elephant. =|

wild times...Gulzar style:



  1. lovely post
    gulzar saab ki jayaho

    cute vedio


  2. you know you have GOT to change your name to 'the random girl'because your posts are SO random !

    it's like trying to go around your head and then touching your nose and then falling to the ground laughing at the randomness of it all !

  3. @ cool boy: i know!! gulzaar sahab is awesome...he can write this song and also "naina.."(omkara)

    thnks =)

    @ weirdo guy: ha ha ha!!!!
    well that is the beauty...i once pointed out to a friend that i was like a diamond..so many facets...
    unpredictable always =)
    i like it that way...
    don't you??

  4. @ weirdo: if u liked this one, you will like this too

  5. QED is a very mathematical way to write Hence Proved.

    btw....awesome post!! :D :D

  6. cool lyrics yaar.... nice one... :)

    take care and keep writing..........

  7. "unpredictable always" ??

    yes you are !

    and i saw the post and it re affirmed my belief in you changing your name !

  8. @ varun: thnks.

    @tousif: now these are mine. thnks you take care too.

    @ WG: =) yes i am...too much for myself at times.
    lol...vagabond suits better...i cant settle in at a place/person...

    ans waise b the great shake-sphere said : what is in a name


    btw did u chk the link?
    i didn't know if u liked the post or not yet..

  9. Hey VB
    That cartoon is super awesome...and is that a zero that u got from the teacher...circled? hehe...love the answer “no. There is an elephant in the way”...lolzzzzz...what fun u guys have in school n college these days yaar*btw...u are in school or college...still can’t make out...n make out as in find out...bas...no puns;-)*

    Hmm...now I have two elephant morals....all I need now is an elephant on the way...;-)

  10. @ suruchi: oye! it is not mine... =P some sooper intelligent girl/fella from some school. it takes intelligence to answer a maths question and only a genius can come up with an answer like that...

    BTW i am an architect in the making all of 23 years =D

  11. @chakri: wah ji wah!! aap aae bahaar aai =)