8 Apr 2010

why don't you come?

sneak into my dreams...
list the endless realities...
talk to me in whispers...
talk of the surreal, of fantasies...
wish me with a sombre kiss...
sing to me a silken lullaby...
walk with me to love amiss...
 lead me to the light ahead; lets walk away leaving life by...



  1. Hmm...mush,mush...kya baat hain?:-)
    Though loving the simple, positive and romantic shades here:-)

  2. a scene in meet joe black did this to me...
    i wish i could make it rhyme...i tried and failed.
    posted it any ways =P

  3. yeah brad pitt can do tat to women...
    n bout wat u have written ...!!1
    y don i come ..???
    i will come time u want ...!!!loll..
    jus kiddin ,,,

  4. woah.. since when did you and mush become bed mates ??? O_O

  5. @amn: brad pitt does nothing to me =|
    it was a particular situation....
    and yeah i know you were kidding =P

    @weirdo: "the random girl" does dig on mush at times...

    (read as: silent night...too tired concentrating on presentation for the ensuing viva...hot girl kissing a hot guy with a perfect background score)

    we need our share of mush...

  6. @akansha: =D.
    would have been more if it rhymed...thnks neways =)

  7. if there were realities why then wud he have to speak to you in your dreams?

  8. raag se pehle ek aalaap hai zaruri...
    aap se pehle aapka ehsaas hai zaruri...
    hosh me zinda to reh lie...
    sochte hain jeene se pehle thoda behekna hai zaruri...

    devoid of dreams...wary of the real...this is a way out.


    P.S. awesome observation. i like. =)

  9. if i could, I would
    but with lil i know about
    you, and you friends,family n abbot
    I dare not fullfill u wish
    but still i'd like to give it a try Ms.

    PS:lovely theme of urs


  10. ahem...err...hmmm...
    guess will have to do without u then.

    its ok.


    PS: thnks for staying.

  11. no u don know everythin n jus to prove tat
    okie then may be i wasn kiddin ...!!!

    n r u sure brad pitt doesn do ne thing to u . cause u'll be the first i wud hear tat from ..!!!


  12. hang around for many other firsts =)

  13. beautiful one...loved the phrases... awesome composition...