12 Apr 2010

"Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife - what's the answer to that?" ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

i am not the only one with a brilliant imagination and bad maths! i have got company!! 

try THIS link...must see for all Calvin N Hobbes' fans!



  1. ha ha second one was gud :)

  2. I am a Math atheist....but I can work up the magic too...what does that make me??

  3. @ lincon: i know!!! calvin is awesome!

    @dranz3r: that makes you:
    extra special/ a flash of lightening (erratically and sporadically bright)/ "ME" 1 out of 4 times =P

  4. Hi VB
    I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate maths too...
    In fact anything vaguely related to numbers gets me dazed....
    So if you say to me ‘I love you 2’ I would have a 1000 questions...
    Try saying ‘I love you too’ instead!
    Silly joke...but real dread!

    Doing maths is really a miracle!

  5. Too good. I am a math atheist too! Love Calvin & Hobbes.