30 Jul 2010

i miss it

as you grow up you gain so much. gain experience, the tact of dealing wiht people. you learn facts and facets of your life and those of others. you gain a deeper understanding in to the complexitites of relationships. rather you are amazed at the different startas where realtionships stand. there are bizzare relationships. there are complicated realtionships. there are relationships whose only stnading point is the fact they thrive on silence. there are relationships that have two people talking so much that there is no silence between them as if afraid that silence is goint ot bring in barriers, create space for awkward questions to be asked.
there are relationships that have no room for questions and there are others that have no need for questions between them.
yes, i have had bizzare relationships.
weird ones, with people that have known and shown me different facets of me.
some showed me my place, some played along and still stay etched.
but yet, in spite of all this i miss being a child.
yes, today i miss being a child.

i miss not thinking twice before calling up somone. 
i miss returning calls,smses. 
i miss people shreiking at me when i do not. 
i miss having a friend. 
i miss being a friend.
i miss not acting like a cynic, 
i miss not reading too deep into lines that may or not mean all that i am looking into. 
i miss blushing and not regretting me acting like a child. 
i miss being the special one
i miss acting all stupid and not actually knowing that i did act stupid. 
i miss going up to a guy with a class filled up with people and sob and say sorry.
i miss having that strength. 
i miss the trust that i had that i wont be snubbed. 
i miss being snubbed like that and yet trying again. 
i miss being a child.
i miss it. 

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  1. And I miss being invisible!

  2. oh that i manage to be all the time.

  3. love this post of yours!!!!

  4. Thru the inchartered anthem that life stands for, most of the things that you want to have, are embedded in a yesterday you cannot relive.

    They should rename life reminiscence,
    I could never figure, yes, the ignorant I.
    what the quintessence if today meant anyway.

  5. very true, life should be renamed reminiscence.
    the saddest part is that the loss is realised only after it has long gone...
    stepping stones are too bloody painful to step upon.