31 Jul 2010

stuck in the middle. Asking for directions?

Cuz' whose to worry if our hearts get torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Don't you notice life goes on

how much should a person be honesT?
how much selfishness is enough,required?
Krish once told me selfishness should either be a 100% or  a complete 0%
i was compltely lost when i asked him...how much selfishness is ok enough to  let by?
he said you are answerable to yourself.
so when you actually want to do something do it.
when you do not want to do it and you do it out of gratitude, or for the fact  that the  person will feel bad do not do it. you'd stress yourself out.
do it if you are a mahatma and are actually liking what you are doing. 
do not , ever be in the middle.
it should always be in the extremes, absolute. a total 0% or a total 100%.

i am lost. am stuck in the middle.
am in a soup because i am brutally honest but after doing that  i cant walk out.
i stay back and sympathise and stay back and reflect over the bluntness i have shown.
i am numb but i say selfish direct things and then lament.
i cannot walk out like nothing happend, i cant help but stay back and look at the face of the assasin, look back and see not hurt or anger but a look that is of shock... the how-could-you-of-all-people-do-it-look.
i am sick of working on, building, working over, smashing into, not getting upto, not living upto expectations. 
i am sick of people having expectations from me.
i am sick of not living upto them .
i am sick of all the smothering .   
i am tired of being the third person and living like a spectator of my life.
i cant get a hold onto to it.

it is running beserk without aim, away away away.
i am running into it...running away from something?

running towards something i do not know. 

i see a vast green field with loads of fruit trees, a huge red kite and a blue sky, the kite just broke off from the string, i am running after it to catch it. i run run run away far into the field, and the field is endless. there is no end to it. 
no beggining no end.
and when i finally look around i find myself lost in the green field.
which looks exactly like the one i was flying my kite in, but now i am not sure if it is the same one. 

honey now if I'm honest 
I still don't know what love is 
Another mirage folds into the the haze of time recalled
And now the floodgates cannot hold
All my sorrow all my rage
A tear drop that falls on every page

I'm sick of hearing my own lies
And love's a raven when it flies

Meet me on the otherside

oh bluebird come sing again


  1. There are invisible strings in life which goes unnoticed but can cut u till death if u cross them.......never regret a thing tht u have done and never do a thing which makes u regret it....thts the mantra of life grl ......live.

  2. have faith in urself, everything will be ok:)