9 Aug 2010

it is official. i am finally doing nothing =D

what does one do when one has a lot of VELLA time on hand?
well since i am at my VELLA best nowadays i wish i had something solid about that and was originally wanted a realisations post on this.
but what the hell!
my friends have been on my back (it is very weird for people to see an architecture student [(the ex student now) YAY!] sitting at home, idle and doing nothing.
(note: the more glaring point to note here is 'IDLE' and 'DOING NOTHING').
people have now restored to calling me names...now cm'on does a person not deserve a good 2 months ka break from things (WORK, SOCIETY,PEOPLE et all) to do things one likes?

definition of things i like : DAY DREAMING, GAZING, POINTING AT ABSURD THINGS AND LAUGHING; watching, re-watching,re-re-watching movies that she loves, reading, re-re reading blogposts and books (2 at a time at that) wagerah.
e.g: i actually gazed at a pigeon on my window for a good 15 minutes as it took its stroll on it and i clicked some pictures.

I mean seriously why should people be so judgemental?
lazy bum or not, lazy head or not i am going to stay put...watch some more FRIENDS (which i think know by heart now).
Tell me when else in the world can u afford to sleep for say 10 hours a day and yet complain, when you are so free that you get a headache from doing nothing?? there are times when i am waiting for a reply and if i get it a 2 minutes after i sent it i get pissed. i keep looking at my contacts list for people to call and end up finding no one i can. shit!

but nevertheless, i m loving it and i am staying put! (well for the time being atleast)

no i am not being sarcastic here! not one bit!

on a serious note i seriously think all the VELLA time is gonna be real *bhari* on me =P

no wait there are two realisations:

1. i love the first part of Main Hoon Na and i know all the dialogues between SRK and Ms. Sen.
(go on sue me) hate the second part though.

2. i can sleep without any rhyme or reason ONLY for a good 15 minutes and i hate that about me. i wish i could sleep more...i just laze around. =|

BTW i did something today, in the sense that i submitted THIS post HERE for the colours magazine contest whose link i found HERE.


  1. i know the pleasure of getting tired of work and resting and getting tired of resting and then resting again....i know its not easy so ur doin a great job .....keep it going till ur limbs are numb

  2. Its unofficial. I am doing nothing. Beat that.

    So you think I should stay put??

    I am having my bunch of realizations lately. Read my new post.

    You're a doll for making me smile with this. :)

  3. @sravan: sarcasm haaan?? =| you are included here...in all the name calling business.

    @pallavini di: naah cannot!! =P
    yup since you declared it you are staying put there alright...
    i dont miss ur posts! did i miss one? my bad =|

    and thanks for calling me that, i havn't been called one since looong ppl have now restored to the B word behind my back...

    aarghh! i am on the brink and just might turn into a misanthropist one of these days...

  4. :)

    No you will not. Because, you shall see, yes the cynic you, life is beautiful. And in the face of hundreds there shall be a few who will make this trek worth it, so much so that at the end of it you will reckon that if you could you would do it again. I know I will.

    And as for them who make you wanna be one, fck them. Sideways as my brother likes to say.

    You're wonderful just the way you are. Doll. :)

  5. This is the best time of life ever man..trust me on that

  6. @pallavini di: =D
    i have all my hopes pinned on those few, gosh i just hope i find them and not loose them.

    @standbymind:yeah i m loving it =P and where have you been?? no updates since a long time!

  7. Haha...I so envy you VB...
    Enjoy the vella time...explore...rest...rejuvenate...reach out...
    Do random...
    For when this time shall pass away...we’d just sigh n say...
    When will I get vella again!:-)
    U’d find constructive outlets, I am sure:-)
    All the best!

  8. =D
    yeah it is already slipping out of my hands..