6 Jan 2011

the diary entry.

January 6th, 2010.
It was a normal day. I woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual. I made tea, while I watched mummy rushing, packing lunch for me and papa,fixing breakfast and also listening and nodding to everything that I said in those precious 15 mins (the end of which I spilled a lil on the kitchen slab and dirtied it, but that is ok). I walked a little slower today. The train arrived before time.
At work I did not put my headphones on through the day, instead I called up the receptionist and told her that it was A.R.Rehman’s birthday today and that we should play his songs (we have in-house music in the office), heard him in the first half, heard Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Kumar in the next. I laughed at Marathi jokes which my teammates happily translated for me.
I cracked jokes, I finished both the cups of coffee the office boy served. I made less mistakes today, finished my work before time.
I heard zee-hale-miski on my way back and was completely engrossed.
For dinner, mom fed me( awesome!) sambar-rice (awesome!). I made her listen to Stairway to Heaven, Chasing Cars and Layla, she loved the tracks. 

It is not even 10 in the night and I am ready for bed.

It was just a normal day.

Life is beautiful.

Yes. =) 


  1. Mom fed you bole to? matlab... really fed you as in... spoon feeding, or haath se khilana?

  2. aaahhh...
    u passed on the contentment this side, just by typing it there! Normal days are so beautiful!

  3. eh.. nice read.. I dont mind u making ur diary public if it as good as this post.. :P

  4. @BA bole to, hath se khilya =P

    @ Lehra =)

    @S add 15 more minutes to make them special =P

    @Mani i will make the good ones public for sure.

  5. You appreciate just normal days?

    Good for you. I actually envy you.

    I haven't learned this art, yet.

  6. @Rhythmic: 'coz u have a lot of special days, i guess.