2 Jan 2011

random gyaan.

-If he is not having sex with you he is getting it from somewhere else. Unless you know...umm...well. Well you know what i mean =P
-NOTHING is complicated. it either IS or IS NOT.
-If he does not call you, HE DOES NOT WANT TO!
-People have been telling you to get a man? LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Probably you should!
-Bad romance and sad songs are hard to move past, but all you have to do is push the 'next' button.

yes i am guilty of watching a lot of chick flicks over the weekend alongside re-runs of HIMYM.


  1. I am confused, Or wait Maybe I am not :p

    P.s. - Virtual Hi- Fi buddy. keep writing :)

  2. Yeah, he's got a mistress, or maybe has broken out in distress.

    and what if he call's you 'Woman' or 'Lady'?


  3. I agree with 1,2,3. I wish 4 wasn't true and 5 was possible. Also, am glad am reading you.

  4. MANI hi-fi??? now i am confused!

    Babaji you missed a comma!! =)

    Wildflower =)
    i am glad you are. i don't see u around here often.

  5. Loved it!! I really believed each word of it! :P

  6. I love this. I need to share this with somebody I know. And so good to reading you again!

  7. And how adorable is your header text!!!

  8. Awesome ... motivated me to come over to ur house ..wen its rainin.. and win u over wit an awesome soft rock song :P .. (Chick flick effect sigh)

  9. before i publish any comments, this f(r)iend of mine who read the post and had interesting things to say, but preferred to message me instead of commenting here. (points at weirdo, makes angry noises that sound like censored gaalis)

    anyways he says, and i quote:

    "dude correction with regard to the first point- either he is getting from somewhere (five hi for figuring it out =P) or he is bloody serious about you and things you are too good for him to have sex with him!"
    (and i agree, as i know some one like that, but i maintain that it is a rarer than the rarest of all rarities)

    "and third point-he does not want to or he wants to make you miss him by acing pricey and busy!"

    (agree to that too, though i think that would make you nothing more than a douche-bag )


  10. @Lalita: you better do coz it is true!! =)

    @Pallavini Di hey! it is great to have you back here! =) i miss you, why aren't you writing any more?

    and she is really lucky to have someone like you, wish her luck for me.

    p.s. you go the template designer and then go to the web fonts, this font is available there, it is adorable! =)

  11. @D.G. Eh? then i have to remind myself about the 5th point and push the next button =P

    i thought i'd get a male perspective on this, defensive or otherwise.

  12. LOL!

    First, its not a she its a he. The object of a huge bundle of my affections, inspirations, realisations.

    And second, I didnt mean the font. I meant the write. :)

    Ans third, I was off to Orissa. Hence had shut down the blog until I got back. Intelligensia's up and running again. :)

  13. aha a he! i am so sure he is the 'good' guy with the wrong girl who is not wrong in general but very wrong for him. it is a vicious circle i tell u

    the write is an awesome damien rice track.
    the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKoYAwws-z0

    listen to it, you'll be hooked!


  14. wow n then u say MY observations are better than your realisations...
    these rock...i wonder where the inspiration is coming from...but what awesome quotable quotes:-)

    super duper having u back:-)

  15. =D
    good to be back.

    the inspiration is varied, chick flicks, Barney Stinson (HIMYM) and life.

    (see the 'wow' reinstates the fact that your observations are better than my realisations =P)