1 Jan 2011

"Oh my God, they killed Kenny! ...You bastards!"

last week of dec-first week of jan  is a very very demanding time, there are SO many pressures.

-the pressure to have fun,
-the pressure to be pressurized to bring a change in the way you live,
-the pressure to make new year resolutions all because of a crappy change in date.

i see NOTHING happy about it.

It is THAT time of the year when whatever religion or region you belong to you have to send crappy-senty-cheesy messages to people reminding them (as if they are from the other sister milky way)(if there is any) that it is new years and that you should be happy. Achyut rightly pointed out in his status msg (yeah you have to post crappy cheesy status msgs on your FB account, mine wasn’t and ok even his wasn’t and which is why it is getting mentioned here) that there is tremendous pressure to have fun this time of the year.
I ask why?
Ok, so what if I have lived all my life like a loser with very few friends, hating and running away from crowded places all the time, and, that, those festivities put me off to sleep; so what if I see new years as nothing more than a change of the date. 
There is nothing drastic that happens over the night, does it?
According to me equinoxes have a better reason to be celebrated than the new years. The season does not change, what changes are the last two digits of your date. Which is no reason to celebrate I mean cm’on I have a new date every new day! It has never, ever occurred ot me as to why would you make so much fuss about a date that has changed. Why o why?

Then there is this pressure with people asking what the new years resolution is, mine never was and never will. I won’t change anything about me, I mean I see nothing to change, I am not boisterous or narcissist ;but then in my own way I think I am perfect the way I am.
I maintain no new year resolutions for me this year as well.

Meh! Whatever, happy new dates people.

now that most of you would have realized there is no link between the title and the post. 
and for the rest some of you let me know if you find any. 


  1. Hmm no improvements on perfection. True.

  2. Yea.. I was trying real hard to find the connection between the title and the post :D only to realise the last line :)

    Anyhow, Happy new year :)

  3. Found The domain name "NOT anyone you know" quite interesting...
    and, U sure live up to the first impression :)
    nice post. I also hate new new year resolutions..
    f**k them... amen ! :)

    p.s. - Madam ji ! Today is no April fool's day. Wassup with the fooling me with the name of he post ?

  4. BA umm well i am perfect at being flawed. there was a spelling mistake in here that i though you would point out =)

    S LOL! happy new dates! =)

    MANI so u DID find it interesting, and i DID live up to the expectation, what a relief!


    i don't hate them, i just cant keep 'em.

    P.S.did u get fooled?? =P

  5. Do I look like I got fooled.. ?

    well, unfortunately yes I did, how mean and cruel of u to make me realize that! :p

    and yup sure, I will keep reading ! !
    Cheers for life...

  6. ROFLMAO!!!

    *stifles a laugh*
    sorry for meanness. some habits die hard.

  7. First of all... i love south park fans ! They r always intelligent :) ... n new yr? i always have had a prob with this phrase ..its flawed.We shld say "Survive the new year" coz only brave souls cn survive the shit around....

  8. @Lalita thanks! welcome =)

    @D.G. are they? I am a CnH fan too ;)
    and waise hi,you and me are also the same shit. if we arn't we are even worse 'coz, in that case,we smell just like them even though we ain't them.

    think about it!