29 Apr 2011


Wind blowing on my face, a song on my lips and hundreds and thousands of faces.

I stand at the edge of the gate, in that train that I take every day.  
I am nothing for those 18 odd minutes, I leave one half of the day behind to come back and live another half. It is my break. I don’t have to be anything; I don’t have to wear a mask. Amongst those hundreds and thousands of unknown faces, most which I might never see again, I lose my sense of being and at the same time am closest to me.
Half listening to the track playing on the background cutting out the chaos outside of me and inside me,I sense silence, blissful serene silence.
I am calm. 

For those 18 odd minutes I am zero.  
For those 18 odd minutes I am ALL.


  1. trains do tht to u ....not to mention the best part tht is traveling on the edge...its pure bliss i agree

  2. felt the same yesterday, heavy rains (= no one on the road, drenched my-self till evrything was soaked, and i felt calm, felt the water dripping away, felt the tar wash away.

  3. A sense of calm pervades me when I am home, most of the time... there, I AM, an entity.

  4. i just love the trains- simply a heavenly slice of life!

  5. we do find different places of exhalations,don't we? that is the beauty of life. you never know what you may find where.