23 Apr 2011


What have I invested in? 

I have “friends” some who refuse to recognize me now, some who are too far, some who were too near and suffocated to a final demise…resurrecting as strangers.
There are fleeting instances of meeting people that still happens but with the years that have passed and the people that I have “met”, “known” ,surreal instances that I have shared, everything dropping down to a state of nothingness; I am almost saturated, leading now to point zero.
For now I know, KNOW, that nothing stays.
Strangers that turn into friends turn back to being strangers.
Family that turns into being friends turns back to being family again. 

A naive 23 year old couldn't but now i understand this other “friend’s” need to walk away into a self imposed, abysmal quiescence.  

But what do I have to walk away from?


  1. You have to walk away from the laughs that are fake and into the blissful silences .. that are real.