(ohk weirdo don't make a face)
write one, read one, dedicate one!!! 

i post my fav by Krish:

Aaj phir unke gali ki oar jaane ka man kiya,
Unke chaukhat pe nange paav khade hone ka man kiya,
Bhale hi kyun na aana pade khali haath waapis,
Aaj jholi bichaker Unse mohabbat maangne ka man kiya.
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 a classic:

She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me! 

-william wordsworth.

and gulzar...

Tumhari Lau Ko Pakadke Jalney Ki Aarzoo Mein,
Jab Apne Hi Aap Se Lipat Ke Sulag Raha Tha.
Bata To Us Waqt Main Kahaan Tha,
Bata To Us Waqt Too Kahaan Thi.

and i gift myself a book



  1. my dear since you said so-

    no making faces !

    and yes william wordsworth was nice too !

  2. @ weirdo: double thnks. =P

    @standby: none of them mine =)
    (all is well =P)


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