17 Feb 2010

of brothers!

i was looking for something that i did not find.
i made arrangements to go without it.
i found it 3 days before d-date. 
it was too late to incorporate into the work schedule but too important to leave.
i was in a fix.

scared, shit shit scared.

there are these nervous pangs which are almost unknown to me. i have given umpteen exams, umpteen vivas, i just never have nervous breakdowns, nervous pangs and that sinking feeling is something that is foreign to me. melancholy is my vice, but a cool head and confidence is my virtue.

i was shit scared.

but then 
i had a brother who looked at me and said don't worry we will work it out.
 i realized i have this particularly peculiar confidence in him that lifted that cloud.
he is younger than me but then he was like a big brother who is here only to get rid of my problems for me =)
it still was a troubled night but i knew i had someone to walk with me.
i was scared no-more.


p.s.:  i will still fight with him and crib about him.. =)



  1. This was such a sweet and emotional post…I enjoyed reading this immensely, how lucky you are to have such a great brother, and how lucky he is too, to have such a wonderful sister like you; god bless you both!

  2. I just love the ad u posted....

    seriously, the title and the ad would've been enough...and i know you know it! :)

  3. sweet and simple..so candidly put and it reflects the beautiful bond.. keep writing...:)

  4. @amn: hope the lol was about the last line =P

    @ anonymous: gimme a name!!!!
    thnks =)

    @dranz3r: haha!! i know that you know that i know =P

    @snigdha: hey!! loonngg time...stop by regularly! =)
    thnks =)

  5. @ anonymous: gimme a name!!!!
    thnks =)

    The name is Storm :)

  6. *sigh*

    I so totally hope my sister too thinks along the lines of the above er.. lines when she grows out of her 14 y.o angsty-nobody-understands-me phase.

    P.S would you believe my parents claim that my sis actually looked like that kid when she was small ? and i behaved like the dude whenever she was upset! :P

  7. hope my sis writes the same gud to know you have your people supp you throu thick and thin great post.

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  9. @ weirdo: your new post and my comment

    @sravan: i know she already does =)
    you are her hero =)

    @juggernaut: fear not! tera be time aaega!
    just be sweet to me =P

  10. Awww....shooooooo sweet..now if all brothers get as expressive about us sisters as we are of them...:-))
    Touchwood...great bonds..let's continue to have great brothers saving our days:-)

  11. hahaha...

    brothers feature in the good books very rarely, but when they do..they do and how! =P