it is that time of the year.
the MUSH time of the year.
and as i am not counting on any knights or princes or anybody for that matter to show on my door , i have, thus, planned to post sweet nothings on my blog.
not that i am the typically-pink-lovey-mushy kinds but then this time of the year makes me behave like one =|

the first: the greatest compliment you can give a girl. dedicate a song.
the ones topping my list this year are:

more updates when i can think of any...

happy mush everyone.


  1. I would dedicate the second song for you.Yup and its great this time of the year.But sometimes it feels unworthy of such efforts made by a lot of people why cant Gandhi Jayanti be such expected and looked forward to.LOL jus kiddin.HAPPY VALENTINES WEEK>

  2. okie to make things clear i m not hitting on u.
    but i cant believe someone like u does not have her prince charming for the valentines day ....

    ps: i hate being mushy ,,,so din know wt else to coment

  3. @sravan: thnks. thnks. =)
    not everyone has that feeling that a RDC cadet has. btw i get all patriotic on jan 26th and aug 15th. and all mushy on feb 14th. call me whtever i am like that =P

    @amn: you don't know me personally isilie aise bol rahe ho...i knw the exact reasons why i don't have a prince charming =P
    u hate being mushy??
    that means you are getting a little mushy and then you hate being like that and are trying to curb it!

    hmm =P

  4. happy mush huh ?? yeah right.. i wish *thinks of 'The girl' wistfully*

    excuse me while i go drown my sorrow in liquor

    hopefully your valentine's day will be better than mine....will drink to that !

    cheers !

  5. @ amn: on last check your blog is the MUSH ROOM.
    hmmm..interesting =P

  6. @weirdo guy: set aside a chair for me. =|

  7. mush mush near valentines and no date !!!


    Ps: I love the 1st and 2nd song :)


  8. hmmmmm.....awesome songs!

    and btw, i AM hitting on you....but i can't come up with a good pick up line.....

    maybe next year! :-|

  9. yaah well tats more of a mushroom than a mush room ,.. i just kept it that way coz it sounds cool ...

    n well yaah me saying tat i hate being mushy means was feeling a lil mushy ..but i hate it when i feel like tat .. i m a guy i m not supposed to feel mushy ....!!!

  10. @ rohan: your first time here..thnks for dropping by. =)
    hope u have a good V-DAY!

    @ dranz3r: thoda late nahin ho gaya kya?? =P

    @amn: gotcha!!
    ohk the 'MUSHROOM' , reminds me of Alice in Wonderland =)


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