26 Feb 2010

couldn't help it.
simply love the new coke ad!!
the script the actors, the background track.

a befitting hindi version of the strange love ad (which again was awesome) 


  1. I love the Imran Khan ad too...more for the awesomely sexy n reeking with desire song of the lady...'tum jo mil gaye ho' n the signing of naughty grin of Imran...
    very cute na:-)

  2. exactly..you got it right there madame. the song just takes it to another level =)

  3. you know maybe since i am not such a fan of imran khan i dont like the AD as much as you did...

    THESE on the other hand..well i find them fun to watch !



  4. na na na!!

    it is beyond imran and kalki...take it as individuals and the song..and the whole scripting..

    will chk out the videos!

  5. Strange lOve was just sumthin else...! love the add...coke is comin up wid sum real gud ones now-a-days :D

  6. hey,quite a neat blog you got out there!
    :) happy blogging!

  7. ok this ad my brother works for the company tat made this ad .. !!! he had asked me if i wanted to g for the shooting of this add ,,!!!

    fuk kalki is looking damn hot ,,
    though i din like imran khan's acting in this one ..

  8. Kalki rocks! And so does the song.

    And the original ad along with Strange Love is a classic. :)