8 Feb 2010

bored 1 and bored 2 get doin it again!!!

X :अभी न जाओ छोड़ कर....
के दिल अभी भरा नहीं!!

Y : समय तोह लगेगा अभी....
के अभी तो बकरा कटा नहीं!

X : नजाने कब कटेगा फिर;
बिरयानी कब पकेगी मेरी!!

Y : पकेगी बिरयानी, डलेगा उसमे ग़ोश्त भी
सब्र करो थोडा, भरेगा पेट properly!

X : बकरे को बुलाइए
के चुप न जाए हमसे कहीं ...

Y : मसलों का arrangement,
कर तो लीजिये अभी...
चावल पका के रखिये,
बुलाते हैं उसे यहीं!

Chorus : अभी न जाओ छोड़ कर.
के दिल अभी भरा नहीं... x2


any references to a particular person is entirely intentional and not at all a co-incidence.

p.s. if u know it is you...do not sulk.
p.p.s: if u think it is you...feel free to ask on GMAIL.
p.p.p.s: what ever the case is...it is not entirely you =P

x= bored 2
y= bored 1
bakra= what you think we will tell you??, wait for a poem on you...


  1. hmmm....intentionally "g" maari jaa rahi hai kisi ki...hmmm.....i wonder who that might be! :P

  2. :(

    hindi poems AGAIN ?

    not that i can complain about what you write on your blog...

    but still...

    HINDI ??

    and P-P-POEMS ????


  3. @dranzr

    you know you can say it out loud that kisiki gand mari ja rahi hain !!! :P

  4. @dranz3r: kiski kiski???
    we hear nothing from him =(

    @weirdo guy: boy oh boy!!!
    now i know it is the form you are against not the emotions...
    try reading it though...maybe you'll like it =P

  5. no siree... nothing doing... i made a vow in 8th to campaign against poetry till death do us apart (us=me and the crusade btw)

    nothing personal against you vagabond, cuz am sure it's a nice poem what with your wit and all, but this poetry hating cheetah ain't changing it's spots any time soon !!



  6. @weirdo guy: dude, maar maar ke thak gaye, usse abhi bhi shayad hi samajh aaya ho ki it was always him/her! :P

    @VEGA (:P): yea, we don't hear anything from that person now...just wishing he has not committed suicide....!

  7. @weirdo guy: ohk there cheetah boy...hope you have found ur terrain!!
    meet me on the other side on this one =P

    @danny: hush hush!!
    aisi baaten nahin karte hain...