28 Mar 2010

status quo:

i have nothing to say. 

you know  you are lonely: when you have to a write blog post as if trying to initiate a pseudo conversation with yourself.
you know there is no-tuning back: when all you want to say is said by a song and you don't even want to elucidate.

loneliness is when there is no monologue. not even with yourself. 


  1. You are right....and I'm kinda in that place right now... :(

  2. the last line ...
    is a heart stealer Vagabond... absolutely!

  3. loneliness is not so bad...
    maybe having no conversations of any kind make way for deeper ones...
    channelize it correctly...
    go with the flow instead of resisting it...
    and u'd find the world welcoming you with open arms:-)

  4. @pavitra: take care.find a friend.

    @wildflower: thnks =)

    @ suruchi: going with the flow kinda lead to the loneliness. long story.
    yeah it is not so bad. it has added to my taste in music and to the sob poems i wrote.