24 Dec 2010

strange are the ways of mush

we find mush in the strangest of places, don't we?

on my way to work today, i saw a woman. someone who you'd pass as THE typical housewife, someone i thought would be confined to her daily saak-bhaaji and stay satisfied.
she was reading P.S. I Love You.
the book is an over-hyped but VERY average romance, but yet, it was something that surprised me. the title of the book and the romance associated with the book and her persona.
that really made me wonder at my shallowness.
i smiled.

the second instance was when i saw the mail id that my project manager uses for his personal use, his email id has his wife's name as the middle name. that was really something.
say something like, anupam.anjali.thakore, it felt beautiful. think over it is really beautiful.

i never knew i was shallow and i never knew that the project manager was a romantic.


best of luck with mush everyone.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. wow..this is so cute...n yes, mush can give u a rush anytime n anywhere...
    little things often touch our heart in the biggest of ways:-)
    merry christmas bhavs n wish u all the holiday cheer n smiles:-)

    P.S.great to have u back on fb:-)

  2. it is cute hai na!

    thanks a ton for the comment other day =)
    it is sad but it feels good to know that you are missed. =)