29 Dec 2010

of heart stealers and heart wrenchers.

the "aww!!" moment of the day was when i saw the NEW NANO AD, the girl looking around and then adding the 'kajal ka tika' was a heart stealer! this perfect moment was ruined by kareena 'blaaaa-aaaa-hhhh' kapoor (who almost looks like a zombie) in her new HEAD AND SHOULDERS AD.

(no i ain't linking it. you really expect me to look for it?)


  1. I wish nano lived up to that little girl's expectations. I heard somebody's stearing came off, that too at the signal.

  2. The nano has seriously changed the way we drive- kareena kappoor- dude, she needs a makeover!

  3. seriously, i need to make a list of all such accidents and hand it over to my papa who has been so adamant on buying one.

    jane kareena needs to get invisible. period.