24 Dec 2010

welcome to my world you are now a part of the FANTASY!!

I saw five puppies on the kitten's lookout;
With a parrot; the watch-“dog” for their hideout.
The pretty nightingales gossiping about the flirty crow; 
As the mice and squirrels and rodents and rabbits sung and danced in the burrow.
The ant’s army had lined around their grand hill;
While the queen ant and the queen bee fought over the dinner’s bill.
The slithery snake was unhappy with J.K. Rowling;
And said, Voldermont in his grave was rightfully growling

They watched and watched as the butterfly sat on one flower and then the next;
I looked at them; the honey bees were feeling inferior at the pretext.
The earthworms wriggled out of the earth;
When the pitter-patter raindrops filled the pot-holes; the frogs ready to give birth.
“Cock-a-doodle-do “the cock sang his song;
“Aah!” said the hen, “Now you wake up?? The sun has been up since long”.
As I walked around a bit if saw the lion sad and disillusioned at the state of affairs;
The cub had secured low grades and his class teacher ‘miss. Hippo’ doesn’t think it is fair.
She thinks Mr. Cheetah’s speeding lectures took the toll of the gloomy cub’s understanding;
And the pretty, slimy, doe-eyed Angelica, took away his standing.
This was a pretty tough match, to the hyena I said;
The wise owl then filled me in saying the jungle law had moved a petition for new laws in the land.
I felt the earth tremble beneath my feet as I approached the Savannah;
A pack of elephants were competing...all for a banana???
Then I saw the monkeys all shapes and sizes, different faces looking at me and smiling;
All of them, in the office, writing, calculating and filing.
It was too much, I had to run away, I took a shortcut to the loo;
I washed my face thinking...”am I in the zoo”???

There I saw the gorgeous puss in boots;
In my elation of the exquisite confrontation, I said hello to the loot. 
He showed me a door belonging to Mr. Disney; smirked and said to me...
“Welcome aboard!! You are now a part of the fantasy!!”


Written by an insanely- rhyming“ly” –Alice“ly”-confused me!!! :)


wrote this around July last year, guess somethings need to be brushed up a bit! this is my fav happy work =D

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