25 Dec 2010


for people like me and my mummy, who have studied in Christian schools, Christmas is a very exciting festival. we don't do anything out of ordinary, but we do listen to Christmas carols and other Christmas songs through the day.
it is very close to something like Diwali minus all the show.

for someone like my papa, who has not studied in a Christian  school, he does not understand this behavior of ours at all.

on a different note altogether, my last year's 25 Dec post still holds good today. looks like i have and will stay the same forever. though i think this year i really want to believe in Santa Claus.

more on that later.

Merry Christmas ppl!!


  1. Though I also studied in a school whose principle was Christian, and yes we did celebrate Christmas at school (other festivals like Diwali? We celebrated at home), but I really don't understand why would it be wrong to have a little fun on the name of Christmas. Carols are fun, specially in Chorus of a choir.

  2. I love the Xmas festivities amidst the nice chilly Delhi weather. I always make it a point to revel in the joy on 25th.

    P.S... i love this song.. quite a nice creativity.

  3. Happy New Year
    I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling


  4. @Babaji: they are not wrong but they are more 'automatic' for someone with a catholic-school background.

    @mayank: right!
    the woolens just complete the festivity =)

    @Betcha: thanks =)