24 Mar 2007

far away.

Liaisons with grief…
Going strong since eternity.
Lust masked amid love,
Despair draped in hope;
Obscure images registering a face…
A face: “far away “

A bittersweet sarcasm
Passion hard to fake.
Life torn and ripped apart.
And the Philter drained.
Obscure images registering a face…
The visage… oh so intangible.


  1. though i feel the poem needs one more para , it is good as it is...this is my fav poem...bcoz it has a slightly darker mystic edge to it..a human's repentence and attraction to a distant yet close entity...liasions with grief...very good!

  2. In reply to what you've written:::

    Of friends spurned and foes earned
    Of life cast away...
    Of peace denied and blinded eye
    Its all there in life - Fie!!!

    A face thats seen it all
    A face: "far away" ------------> :)
    Mind grappling with mind...
    I tell thee ---> make way.

    For, in battles fought and faces sought -----> :)
    I say again and mark me thee.
    The one you seek is inside you..
    The one - The one that'll set you free.

    Indeed is sweet the joy of life..
    Faces you'll see.. faces galore.
    Life's not all sorrow and strife..
    Hark my words.. I'll tell you more...



    btw, beautifully written.
    You have an impressive way of arranging your thoughts. God Bless.

    PS. Sorry for barging in uninvited.. came here from your Orkut profile.