6 Mar 2007

The question.

Some things have the same situation in life, as that of water enclosed in a rock.
This water in times to come will freeze in the rock and shatter it.
Who is to be blamed in such a scenario?
Is the water guilty of its nature…it is water’s nature to freeze.
Or is it the fault of the rock which enclosed water.
What does one do when faced with such a situation?
Cry and wail in despair. Or, in silent suffering, wait for the rock to be shattered.

This rock resembles the phases of life.
Time is water and life the flow.
Water freezes in the rocks and the flow stops for a moment.

Water never looses its identity but the flow changes forever…

A friend of mine suggested…

Be a rock through which water flows freely, easily.
Do not allow the water to freeze.
Do not allow any one to control the flow…control you.

You are your biggest strength. Do not go looking about for security.

I have a question…

What is that kind of a rock through which water passes easily?
Porous rocks…will it be a rock then?
A cold heart…an indifferent heart…one which is not affected by anything.
Is this the price one has to pay?

1 comment:

  1. i guess i can look at it that way..sometimes special people come ur way..and those moments r forever frozen in ur memories..where's the need to let that water flow..after all its these kinda frozen moments that make a life...those magical moments...an indifferent hear is always a tempting proposition...no pain ..no gain...only numbness prevails..its a choice we gotta make....