6 Mar 2007

Far. wild.

Trying to get worn to being,
Trying to wing the first trip;
Trying to soar above emotions,
Working against the denominations.
Cracking the mould of demureness,
Breaking free of the harness;

Running far…
Running wild…
And the incongruity: no delight.

Living with the Demonisation of thoughts,
And the articulation:
Of love with lust;
Of passion with rebellion;
And of crossroads with choice…

Running far…
Running wild...
With no providence in sight.

1 comment:

  1. I can feel the confusion yaar..like a soul torn by qualms..of opposite emotions....crossroads!!ive been there a myriad times....but somehoe i feel(dunnno if im right,correct me i case)u r in a hurry to finish the poem...sometimes i feel its better to soak in those feelings and memories..if poetry is abt expression and a way to save beautiful memories i guess u shud try this atleast ones..tking some time to arrange ur thoughts and then stack them in those precious vaults of ur heart!!!great work da...