6 Mar 2007

My Liberator

My heart, it sobs;
My eyes, they weep;
As the time slogs,
and the clock sleeps.

The time seems to stop,
in face of a ravine deep,
Was here I to drop?
the light from the cloud gleams.

The light dazzles;
Shining , tearing away the gray.
Shimmering leaving sadness astray;
traveling and taking me along.

I live again;
I love again.
I fly awayI let the light take over me…

..My light my liberator


  1. I spot a silver lining here...there's a shift in the moods..from darkness to light..from grey to white...clouds clearing away and the sun sparkling thru....nice one yaar...whats the incident that has inspired this..mayb some person...im curious..

  2. Alas dear Sister..."mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis".