14 Mar 2007

Till the end of time.

Lustrous moonlight shimmers bright,
Tearing the mantle of the night;
Stars of anticipation dotted in the navy sky
Many an imaginings get wings to fly.
I glance about, I find you near,
The darkness though, is what I fear;
Every instance I dream to fly,
My gullet at the vista runs dry.
I conjure castles in the skies; but,
Would never depart, wouldn’t even try.

Your gaze fills me with strength intense
Emotions run free, heeding not a fence.

A gaze may mean things many,
Some things to you and some things to me.
Never fail to return a gaze;
Go away now and you shall never regret.
tough times bring changes ,
but heed not those blemishes.
Things unobserved remain beautiful,
Unscathed, virgin as in our day.
Stars of hope will shine in the navy sky;
Lustrous moonlight will shimmer bright.
And love will last till the end of time।

-with arnav.


  1. Beautifully written in colaboration...

  2. the first para was good..coherent..but i dint enjoy the second one very much..i cudn't get its jist actually...plus i feel the first and the second para dont match..anyways..keep it up!!

  3. "till the end of time"
    gr8 style f rytin, njoyd readin a lot!!
    dis ws d best line "things unobserved remain beautiful"!!
    utter truth!!
    kep it up n giv me few tips on poetry!!!