the altruist narcissist

I am the fear of the stranger in a new country.
I am the essence of the dictator’s might.
I am the mist of the morning.
I am the silence of the night.
I am the demon inside you.
I am the righteousness of the soul.
I am the pure white space surrounding angels.
I am the putrid black inside of me.
I am the sparkle of the cut-diamond
I am the darkness of the deepest fissure.
I am the sullen child’s last try.
I am the hope in the bride’s eyes.
I am the warmth of the lover’s embrace.
I am the chill of the assassin’s last blow.
I am the bitter-sweet sarcasm of love.
I am the virgin’s first kiss.
I am the elusive enigma.
I am the mystery solved.
I am omnipotent, I am omnipresent.
I am lost, I am no-where.

In life I am.
Death I revel.


  1. Har Jagah mein Tum hi tum ho .....!

    I am the Mystery Solved....?

    Ha ha I don think so ....!

  2. mystery solve karne ka koshish mat karna..............
    woh mystery rahe to hi acha hai...

  3. Awesome!

    "I am the sullen child’s last try.

    I am the hope in the bride’s eyes.

    I am the virgin’s first kiss."

  4. i wrote something similar an year ago but the sentences would start with Am i..meaning i wonder , do you think you are everything meaning god which you actually say in the end or do you also mean confusion?

  5. when i wrote this i had this feeling that i am so much, yet so little and insignificant. it wasn't confusion but the surety of being enough to i dnt thnk i am god. that will be a scary thought for me. remember 'Bruce ALmighty ' !!

  6. you're trying to be everything that can contradict one in a way you're nothing and everything at the same time...hmmm...kind of reminds me of Schrodinger's cat! :)

    I can only guess...but I think you're trying to find what you actually are...or should be at the moment when you felt this way...

    but as i said, i can only guess.. :)

  7. got it right "i am everything and nothing at the same time"

    there are times when i have the capacity but i cant perform that makes me equal to being nothing...but at the same time i get applauded for having the capacity...

    it was that kinda time.

  8. well, when i face such times, i choose to be nothing...and that's how I become everything!
    Try that...don't think you have the capacity...just be that nothing you would mock when he would be out there doing his thing....and then, you'll be the best!

  9. "just be that nothing you would mock when he would be out there doing his thing."

    elucidate =P

    i chose to be nothing and still remained evrythgn in comparison to things around me...and wrote this.

    the recluse chose quiet and ended up attracting the loudest applause, the irony: he revelled in it


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