1 Aug 2009


Speak of life in a miniature scale.
Speak of life as an amalgamation of the various moments when one has been touched…speak of touch.
Life, they say, is not the measure of the number of breaths we take.
It is, rather, the moments which take our breaths away. Moments when we encounter those stray smiles, stolen kisses, chance contacts and coincidental meetings. The smile one gets from the furthest corner of the room, accompanied with a wink, when you are on the other extreme;
When you are the one without the smile; in a split second the widest grin is yours.
The drama is unseen by the ‘others’.

The chance bouts of alone-ness in a room packed with people, with an awareness of self and the surety with which magnanimous life decisions are taken.
The holy speech about life, unearthing profound truths delivered. All this unheard by everyone; but the applause… The applause is loud and clear.
The eyes of that stranger hold you and say a thousand words. The words unheard but the feeling stays on...like the wind unseen but the warmth felt.
Life is paradoxical most of the times.
The most noise is made by a guilty mind, in utter silence;
Its retreat and reclusion though, is in the maddening crowd.

Life is all about the unheard voices. It is all about the whispers and shrieks.

this was a very old post of mine. today when i was going through my own blog it made so much sense to me.like i had written it yesterday. couldn't help posting it again as a new one.for today.


  1. until i came to the last line, i was wondering if you met an interesting stranger in brigade road yesterday;-)

  2. the last time u commented on this...a year back tab b yahi likha tha :p

  3. a correction...life is more than just what is heard or seen...which is where most people concentrate....but it is not just about the unheard voices...!

  4. hahahahahahaha....well...it might be a paradox...but idk! i would say it's not!