26 Aug 2009

ECSTASY: A feeling when you feel you are going to feel a feeling you have never felt before.

why do we tingle the touch-me-not?
stare at the sun..till we see violet blotches everywhere?
why do we wear brilliant whites..and then go to the dirtiest places and sulk when they are dirty?

why do we smile when we see a school going kid bend down and struggle with his laces?
and his water-bottle and his bag?
why does the sweet dairy milk sweeten the day when you have it for breakfast?

why do we sing a song and hop a step when the breeze is nice?
why does food remind you of mom?
and a hug and a pat of your brother?

the sky is brilliantly blue when your eyes are clear...
the smiles are infectious...(more than the swine flu)...
and the laughter harder...

life is always beautiful just get up on the right side of the bed :P


  1. Oh that was cute ! :)
    Insightful i must say ....

  2. sounded like a dairy milk ad to me:Djust the order has to be redone..you can go for advertising yaar..eheheehehehe