7 Nov 2009

mon oeil !

parents: license to screw your life. well, they made you. so they own you. so it is their call.

elders: license to boss around.
"too young to take a decision honey" 
"you are too young to speak honey"
"you are too matured/practical for your age honey"

people younger to you:  
"hey u do not understand".
.yeah i was never there...yeah and i also do not know what you are doing...
[: |]

people who think they know me but they don't, but they think they know me enough[phew!!]
"what happened?"
"hey are you angry?"

"what happened?"
"why are you so serious?"

"hello baby" [go get a life,screw yourself]
"you should be more considerate, reach out to people" [huh??]

people who know me: we share silence.

[updates soon]


  1. Like the 'People who know me' bit. It's amusing how some people just know what you're going through.

  2. @divinediu: thanks

    @justfeltlike: yes it is amzaing. and what is more amazing is how the people who understnd you have nothing to say/need not say while the world keeps shreiking in your ears.

  3. Truth reinstated in words.