13 Nov 2009


some choices just have to be made.

the choice of being happy or unhappy.
the choice of closure.
the choice of letting it hang loose.
the choice of overiding your happiness for some-one else's.
happiness, which you know you are going to take away.
this done so that when you finally make the final kill the person has something to fall back onto. or more likely so, so that there are no negetive repurcursions;
no guilt.
small gestures of care shown to the other to mask your guilt for you.

some choices just have to be made.

the choice of shutting up.
shutting up even when you know you have been wronged, you have wronged.
shutting up even when you know you are being misinterpreted, misunderstood.
shutting up 'coz you do not care.
shutting up 'coz you do not want to mess situations which are already bad.

days pass without having spoken a word.
days pass without noticing people around.
days pass when you wake up unkempt, to unkept promises, un-met deadlines.
days pass you wake up, walk around, last the day, lay down and die. unseen.
you still make the choice of lasting through the day.
the choice of responding is still made.
lie is still chosen over truth.

some choices just have to be made.


  1. quite nice...infact, I like it more cuz I can totally relate to a fucked up state of affairs that I am going through myself...you wouldnt want to know, trust me....

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-another intriguing thing is, you actually chose to comment on something that I started my blog with....interesting....

  2. Ah truly a post for a monday morning :)

  3. @scribllere's : i actually start from the beginning.

    the fucked up state of affairs...it is completely my messed up brainchild.
    the lethal concotation brewed by me , served by me to me. don't ask me why. answers elude me.

    @ms chwis: monday morning!!! really??