9 Nov 2009

realizations 2.

1. i mull, sulk (do not crib ever) when i am free, idle. 
i jump back to being a happy person when i am creatively engaged.

2. since a week or so all the blogs i liked were written by females.
though only male friends of mine blog, it struck as something weird to me. till i found a blog by a male blogger which i instantly liked. the scales are still tipped in favor of girls.


3. Sikhs do not wear helmets. a final conclusion drawn after years of thinking over it.

[P.S. realisation 1 and 2  are related . i was mindlessly blogsurfing for about 3 to 4  days ( coz i was idle at office) til i found work for myself today :P ]


  1. =) amazin way to realize things...[:D] and there are many male readers whom u dun follow...so u neva know

  2. my scales are evenly balanced between men and women. check out the following INCREDIBLE blogs:-

    blandspice.blogspot.com (male)(as brilliant, cynical and witty as they come)
    harmanjit.blogspot.com (male)(a spiritualist and something of a crank. incredible taste in movies and very thought provoking posts)
    bluedapple.blogspot.com (female)(essayist and poetess. very insightful, balanced and creative)
    moimystique1.blogspot.com (my favourite online poetess)