1 Mar 2010

ab jab mujhko hosh nahin hai..
aae hain samjhane log;
hain kitne deewane log...


  1. he ram!!
    jaky baba sudhar ja...ek awesome gazal hai JAGJIT SINGH ki uski lines hain...
    take care..

  2. Want to chat. Show up on Gmail :\

  3. should i be scared??

    not today. am going out.

  4. some other time for sure. =)

  5. Why scared? Are you? In fact, I should be scared of you. Friends who can ditch you whenever then want are the scariest of all.

    Anyway, tell me when. I should apologize :)

  6. elucidate honey!!

    you should apologize for wht??

    i think i am missing something here..

  7. For that nasty comment. If Varun get in touch, tell him am sorry :)

  8. on your blog??
    that suicide wala post???

    oh well.
    take criticism positively. i hated the way you treated the subject. and if i write positive reviews..i will surely write negative ones...

    don't take it personally. and waise b wahan ka gussa yahan kyun nikal raha hai bhaiya..

    if you want all my comments to be positive..i am sorry...there will be none; and if that is what you meant by ditching..i have ditched a hell of people...i am not too sad about it.


  9. I've to learn a lot. I know :) Chal, gotta go now. But, thanks. All this clarified a lot. Will try to pose better :) with my writing.

    I thought you were annoyed :) But you are not, are you? Bye :)

  10. And I've changed the comment pic. Hope you'll like it :) You've 5 people online. Never seen this before on any blog :)

  11. Awesome words...Great ghazal.

  12. @Jaky : dude...what the fuck is your fuckin problem man??? you said your precious "VEGA" ditched you....dude, you're a fuckin self-obsessed narcissist (look up the fuckin' meaning on google) and dude, no one's even asked you to read this blog...so if you would, just shut the fuck up about things you don't know you're saying, it would be great otherwise i'm gonna have to report you to google and shut ur goddamn account down.

  13. okie first of all
    3 lines of the post and 14 comments ...!!!
    man i write a whole story n no comments come ...
    n here u are with nothing written not even a title n 14 comments ,,,!!... how do u do it ..??
    m i tat bad ,,!!1
    u r givin me complex man ...!!

  14. ahh HAHAHAHAH

    For once vagabond your comments section is more entertaining than your actual post !

    And no am not judging you or jaky astik :P

  15. @ amn:
    the secret is to get a very vocal protester. =P

    @ weirdo:
    *speaks with a grave face*
    you better don't lest you want a war in your comments section too!!
    *stomps away*

    P.S: i know i know!!
    i had fun too, thankyou. =P

  16. @ anonymous: i cant take the credit for that!! =P

  17. Kya haal banaya he itni pyari gazal ka.Hope Jagjit singh never visits ur comments section less he will thnk the war broke out due to his gazal.neways awesome lines.Jus passing by stpped to say hello.Take care