17 Mar 2010


वक़्त क सितम कम हसीन नहीं...आज हैं यहाँ कल कहीं नहीं;
वक़्त क परे अगर तुम मिलो कहीं...
मेरी आवाज़ ही पहचान है...गर याद रहे...

i am jealous of people who can sing,dance,paint.
i can't.
sometimes there is this feeling of incompetence that any body can forget me with ease.
just like that.
i have nothing to offer, am not shrewd enough to take.
there is nothing new that i bring to the table.
there was a time when i was happy that i was the spectator, i was content;
i am not now.
the fact that someone can forget me just like that is too hard to digest.
too much to take for the inflated ego.
too much for the self-confidence.
too much for the pride.
the exact reasons maybe, which never let me act.

i wish i had something to offer...


  1. The fact u mention is so untrue di..!

  2. @ shreena: that is real bad news for you honey!

    @lehara: kaunsa fact? hain?? =P

  3. the fact that someone can forget me just like that is too hard to digest.

  4. ah .. not to sound philosophical but sometimes it takes a catalyst to bring out your cooler stuff.

    wait for it !

  5. @ lehara: =)

    @ weirdo: itna time hi nahin hai!
    *fingers crossed*

  6. Hey! first timer here.. Nice blog! love your writing! :)

  7. Hi VB...
    So many people can sing dance or paint....
    Can they bring a smile on anyone’s face too?
    Just in your last post you mentioned that you are changing and are capable of love...that’s not a mean task!

    We often feel that we bring nothing to the table...but then for that matter...most of what’s on the table is not so worthwhile anyways...
    We have to pick and choose what appeals to our sensibilities....
    One man’s mango is another man’s bitter gourd...
    Super dumb analogy...but then i hope you get my point....

    No one’s forgetting you...
    Make sure you keep doing what you are doing and make progress there....stay happy...koi yaad kare na kare...kya faraq padta hain...hum khud ko yaad karke khud ka khayal rakhen...ache tarah se..woh zyaada zaroori hain...
    Loads of love n hugs...
    You are adorable...
    So accept and feel proud...;-)

  8. Loving/serving unconditionally to someone/something is quiet tough rather next to impossible and when we lack of it, i guess lines mentioned above start taking fare share of heart, mind and may be of soul also...