24 Mar 2010

one of those times:

Sometimes at night I stare at the ceiling

And wonder what's wrong with me

To involve myself with people

Who don't know what my true feeling might possibly be

 Who latch onto my strength like it's all they've got

It takes all of my strengths

And I go through such lengths

To show them it is not what they think they are stealing

And it's not that I hate you

I never loved you enough to hate you

To get even or mad so as not to seem sad

Just seems ungrateful

'Cause really, I am thankful I'm sad

And the only way into the sun is walking

But you'd rather run

~pure genius ~
forgive me it is only one of those times when you are falling in love with something,someone new...thinking they just read your mind...yeah i go through such phases all the time and it is normal!

i am falling in love with JAYMAY's songs!!



  1. be specific .. falling in love with something or someone ,,,haan ??
    n y wer u appologisin .. i felt every thought in the above wrritten poetry kind made sense ,,,

  2. what to say - when u think - rather FEEL..

    ur last line is center of this poem.. nice one..

  3. N.B: it is a part of a song "You'd Rather Run " by JayMay

    @amn: falling in love with the songs!

    @arvind: yup..that is what i loved about it too...
    thnks for dropping by and staying =)

  4. chk the link in the last line!

  5. lovely lyrics...sadly youtube blocked in college...gotta find means to download da song!!!

  6. Another great number with meaningful lyrics...
    Kudos to your musical taste gurl:-)

  7. @ buckingfastard: i simply love your pen name. =D
    hope u find the track. the whole album is nice actually.

    @suruchi: i know! i know!!

    i am blessed.**

    ** reference to another blog post i wrote not so long ago

  8. awesome song....i like ur birds :)

  9. thankuuu from jaymay and who ever made those birds!!

    i compiled so i take the credit ;)