13 Mar 2010

realizations . =)

1. i am capable of love =)
 i thought i could never do it..but i can't help myself doting over the nearing-2 years old-cutie  who lives on the ground floor and yeah the 2 month old Labrador ... both love me just as much...both of them stand at the door waiting for a pat when ever i leave home =)

i am changing!

2. feelings, emotions are infectious...
i am  happy today, for a friend who finally did what he was meaning to since eternity. =)

3. when you are happy even "muqabla muqabla" makes sense =P
yeah really!!

4. yeah as i was writing this...another conversation with another friend made me realize how bad a student i was =(

no no...i am still happy =P


  1. th capability to love is a great thing! happy for yu~ :)

  2. @ wildflower: yup you got it!! i love it when people understand the intent =)
    thanks!! i feel happy for myself too =)

  3. Ahem...just to clarify, I'm as heterosexual as they come, but

    Cho Chweeet!!!

    Argh! Now, I'm going to hate myself for days for making that comment!

  4. gud to see familiar sites again.the same old iron grills.

  5. @ Bullshee : lolzies!!
    times are changing...it is ok to go out of your way sometimes =P

    @sravan: =)

  6. Loved the post! And the pic is too cuute :)
    Nice blog. :)

  7. :) i too hv my bunch f c8 lils..n cnt leave home widout messin wid dem..n der animated welcm..jz adore dem!

  8. @ ruanway bride: thnks =)

    @ sikata: your bunch of lils??? ye kab ho gaya?? =P

  9. These birdies sitting at the bottom are so adorable!
    Babies are the purest form of positive energy aren't they?
    I bet those make your day every time :)


  10. =)
    i know i know!!
    i saw the image on Google and they actually inspired me to change the look of the blog...
    i changed it so that i could use the image =D

    i am not much of a fan there.
    but the ones in question do make my day! =)