stay there! STAY.

 waqt ki kaid me zindagi hai magar,
chand ghadiya yahin hain jo azaad hain.
inko kho kar meri janejaan umr bhar na taraste raho;
aaj jaane ki zid na karo...

i think of you again.
i am out with you again.
i am back there again.
i am back to being me again.

i feel again.
i fail again.
i leave again.
i am back to being me again

haae mar jaenge,
ham to lut jaenge;
aisi baaten kia na kao.
aaj jaane ki zid na karo..



  1. ahhhahhhhhhh...wahwahhhwahhwahhh...but..have to go :( sheeee yaaarrr!!

  2. :) Awesome lines i am out of words .Trust me.Ohh god whr did i miss u all these days.Tussi great ho>Keep it up.

  3. Hey...great interplay of words...

  4. @ jaky : no problemo! =)

    @ sravan: i always meant to be around =)

    @ suruchi: thnks!!


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