25 Dec 2009

25 random things on 25th december ho! ho! ho!

i have been tagged!! =)
the person who tagged me: dranz3r.

alright i write here 25 random things (well it is pretty much random here anyways =P)

1. this is my first tag.
2. it is christmas.

3. i love this time of the year but i am too cynical to believe in santa claus. just like i am too cynical to believe that i will be rewarded if i do something good and get away with something wrong i do, thus the difficulty of me being good =| but i am scared of ghosts/spitrts and avoid watching horror flicks =|

4. as a continuation of the above i slept with my parents for a whole week after i saw RGV's "Bhoot". =/

5. my back hurts when i laugh unlike the belly-aches most people have when they laugh. i am all turned around eh!

6. i fell in and out of love in a single day =P  i fall in love with things at random...all the time =)

7. i use smilies incessantly.=|

8. i just checked dranz3r's blog to see if everything has to be about me or not =P

9. i once worked 18th hours at  a stretch for a submission and finished 3 movies from start to finish, i heard those movies though...i generally listen to movies when i am tired of melody...yeah happens at times.
i know the dialogues of DIL TO PAGAL HAI by heart =P

10. i tend to start finding reasons to hate people whom i love the most. loose friends for that reason all the time. weird =(

11. i havn't seen the season finale of FRIENDS till date...it is not over for me yet. =)

12. the first things: i notice in a man the lips,the hands and the eyes.
      the perfect combination of three: josh hartnett.

13. i hate all things over-hyped.

14. peter piper picked a pack of pickeled pepper. did peter piper pick a peck pf pickeled pepper. if peter piper picked  a peck of pickeled pepper. where is the peck of pickeled pepper that peter piper picked.

15. if there was no other dino in godzilla how did she manage to lay eggs?

16. why do t.v. celebs cry all the time? it makes me seem so heartless.

17. why do hindi news anchors not join the gang making t.v. soaps? beta news me koi kam drama thodi hota hai...kal aaj tak ka special telecast nahin dekha?"

18. i hate strawberry ice-cream and the colour pink.
i bought a pair of bubblegum sandals with pink soles and i am in love with them.
weird =/

19. i am running out of things to write!!!

20. i identify with male cartoon characters...i am bear a close resemblance to garfield.
     yes pankaj i am a girl =P

21. i hated chemistry in school and the teacher hated me as well. when i visited school last year at the reunion he came up to me and said you really gave me a hard time but i was one of the very few people in the batch whose name he could remember =P

22. i have changed 4 schools in total and was the principal' s pet in 3 of them. the teachers always found reasons to hate me though =P

23. i get used to things pretty quick. i get over things pretty quick.
but i dont get used to people at all and worse cant get over very soon. =(

24. my favourite t-shirt has 5 tiny holes which i refuse to let go and still continue wearing it at home. =)

25. it is 12:52am and the date is 25th december.

alright now, your turn if you've survived this long. anyone who reads it is tagged. gosh like i am cursing people like dranz3r said.."i'll be checking =D"


 bored? refer the image above.


  1. Gosh...a lot of them. Though, I have one similarity. I have a jeans which is totally torn and doesn't fit my torso. But I still wear it. Mom hates me for that. Anyway..Merrry Christmas.!!