24 May 2010


And the night shall be filled with music
 And the cares that infest the day 
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs
 And as silently steal away.

 ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Day Is Done

I am blessed.
Not because i have the world's bestest parents. Not because i have a core group of people;
to look up to; look towards for help,advice.
Not because 'I am'.

But in spite all this.

Because i can feel, i can hear and  see and smell.Because my senses are intact. Because on a quite Sunday afternoon i can listen to a song that can make me smile and cry at the same time.

"if i lay here,
 if i just lay here,
 would you lie with me and just forget the world"

"lets waste time chasing cars,
  around our heads"

"i need your grace.
   to re-mind me,
   to find my own"

-chasing cars, snow patrol.

How when you listen to a song today and two days later it speaks to you in different languages. Like the same words adorned with melody will sing you the blissful pangs of separation today and then the peaceful serenity of contentment the second time.

I feel blessed when i realize how i manage to fall in love with songs all the time.
How i can have as much of them as i want,how i can read into them as much as i want.
How i can keep listening to them as many times as i want.
How a song can keep singing itself to me, stay with me as long as i want, how a song  is never jealous and manages to remain just as sweet when it reminds me of bitter memories, as it was when it reminded me  of my moments of bliss.
How i can never have enough of them.
How some songs keep me hooked even after continual-prolonged listening.
How some songs I hate keep ringing in my brains sometimes.

I'm blessed to have my senses intact  :)

there is a blog that i dedicate to the only constant thing in life. 



  1. stay blessed. God bless!!

  2. Music is the food of love...more like food of life...
    Play on!

    You are such a sensible girl to be counting your blessings!
    If music helps you do that...you are on the right track:-)

    I remember a great quote here “I am too blessed to be stressed”