"tere bare me jab socha nahin tha
main tanha tha magar itna nahin tha"

ye chand sirf chand tha bas!
tumhare chehre ko raushan karti chandni nahin. 

raaten meri thi, meri neend sirf meri ;
tere raasto ko takti, sapno me jalti, andheri raat nahin. 

main thi, sirf main;
tumhari chahat me tarasti adhi-jali, aadhi-bujhi, koi adhuri aas nahin. 

main thi, sirf main.



  1. Wow Vb...
    You pick out the best of soul stirring numbers...
    Loved the lyrics here :-)

  2. Wow..lovely lyrics :)

    How apt for my situation..you have no clue!

  3. Why am I not able to follow your blog? :(

  4. @aMayzing: haan sirf main!

  5. @suruchi: thnks!! i love jagjit singh. he can never go worng!!

    @mr'happy: thnks!

    @shanu: sad situation. i m sorry, wish you all the strength.

    try a different browser, probably that will help...


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