8 May 2010

realizations: (oh! too many now to count)

1.moms, mummy, ama, ma....all these manifestations of human beings are extremely difficult to live    with.i have mine who did not want me to sleep this afternoon.i had a balst of pavitra rishta blaring in my ears along with the glaring afternoon sun in my eyes. =|

2. i know all the crucial 'BING-BING''S and 'BONG-BONG"'S of the very crucial crazy frog track. =)

3.no matter what kind of relationship you share with your grnadma she still gives the best medical advices mine gave me one on acupressure. =D



  1. Hi VB....
    A blast of Pavitra Rishta blaring in the ear....
    OMG...what a torture! Glad u survived that:-)

    And that crazy frog track...ewww...sorry but I just don’t like it for some froggy...err...foggy reasons:-)

    And share the grandma’s advices too:-)

  2. @suruchi: i did not. i would have had my afternoon siesta if i could. =(
    ha ha! i am not a fan but i realized that i know all the nuances when i heard it the same morning. =P

    @pavitra: =D

  3. all the bing-bings and bong-bongs of the frog track!! wow!! u got a lot of time on hand...

  4. @mayz, maze,(amazed?): you bet. =P

  5. is thr anyway i can reply to u...not in d comment section?