21 May 2010


her: i am in that stage in my life where i do not mind anything. i am open to everything. it is ok if it is done. am fine if it is not.

him:mujhe aise log nahin pasand hain. matlab mere bagair b guzar sakti hai. meri koi kadar nahin.

her:[silently looks at him]

[after a day]

her: maine teri ek baat ka jawab nahin dia....

him: interesting that you remember...

her: they say that you have to put in magic and  magic is created...



  1. sigh!!! waitin for someone to say that to me...

  2. @aMayZing:probably you already have! if you haven't listen intently...

  3. i am dying to say her first stmnt to someone..i am so dying to ;)

    and u've given such a nice name to Mayz..! :D like it!

  4. @wildflower: well the name he suggested it and with the kind of audience he brought in for the *what is it to be a man* post i thnk he earned it =P

    and well to what u said:

    have you met mayz? his comments fall in your lines as well...

    (would love to play cupid =P)

  5. u earned all of it girl..it's like just so impossible to think like a man on my part..! :)\

    & no i havn met him, abt d cupid part.. LoL :D

  6. Hi Vb...
    Wow...someone’s coming up with cute short conversations!
    Please let the magic continue

  7. @suruchi: =)
    the magic continues the conversations are stalled for the moment.