18 May 2010

what is it to be a man?

what is it to be the provider?
what is to then lose and have hope filled eyes pinned on you?

what is it to be the strong shoulder?
what is then to cry on the bathroom floor?

what is it to be a man who leads the woman?
what is it to be the child and yearn to sleep on her lap?

what is it to be a father?
what is it to hold that thankless position when the accolades are taken away by the 'doting mom'?

what is it to start the family?
what is it to stand at the background and watch it grow?

what is it to bleed for a woman?
what is it to then be able to let go off her, be the one to be blamed?

what is it to be the victim, yet play the villian?
what exactly is it to be a man?



  1. i totally love you for writing this post!!!

  2. Beautifully expressed Vb...
    I always say that I prefer to be and remain a woman any day...coz it is a tough job being a man...
    Shouldering so many responsibilities and yet not being able to crib about it...
    I still find it a bit disconcerting to travel alone...
    With a man around I kinda feel snug...
    We do need the men...
    And we do need them to be stronger so we can continue to feel delicate n taken care of, despite all our strengths!:-)

  3. @amazed : i totally love you for saying that! =P

    @ suruchi: yeah. we all have our fights don't we?
    i know the definations now have changed, but then even today, in the list of the most endearing sights, one will always include one that of a man eating and another that of a man sleeping, they are at their innocent best then.
    i don't need a man to travel or shop or to live with. but i sure want to be around a man for the simple fact that i can see him simply shifting from being the rock to a baby. i want to be there to be witness.
    women can be all sly and be so many things at one. but a man cannot afford to be that.
    men are sooo much more vulnerable than women are.
    i agree. it is tough being a man, and i have so many options only 'coz i am a woman.
    but then we all have our fights don't we? =D

  4. this post is AWESOME!! gave megoosebumps! You just got urself a regular reader!

  5. Thanx Mayank for leading me here :) Lovely post :)

    If I may add,

    What is it to be a man,
    to be a father, to be a brother, to be a friend, to be a lover, to be a husband and to be a father.. :)

  6. @Vagabond, this is a really nice post, though I'd say the flourish came in your remark to Suruchi. :) Nice to see someone who sees such matters objectively... Though I also enjoy jokes which poke fun at both sexes... :)
    @Mayz, thanks for leading me to this blog, bhai!:)

  7. @americanising desi: =) a man yeah. it takes a lot to be one. nothing at all to be not it.

    @richa: thnks mayank for leading you here. =P

    @highlander: i always enjoy that, this is just a one time deal. =P

    @rainboy: thnks =)

  8. @apparently intelectual: thnks a ton =)

    @a'Mayz'ing:(well you earn yourself that title) thnks for bringing in the audience =)

  9. Wow..that was some post...loved it!

  10. @shanu:: appreciate. thnks =)

  11. " what is it to bleed for a woman?
    what is it to then be able to let go off her, be the one to be blamed? "

    I'm guessing this took a lot of thought! :P

  12. @varun: there.
    you just know where to hold it don't you??
    it was the inspiration...=P

  13. "what is it to bleed for a woman?
    what is it to then be able to let go of her, be the one to be blamed?"

    the best i can put that into words is a hollow hole like feeling in your stomach that pains everytime you think about her... life can be such a bitch at times 'innit ?

  14. life is best at being a bitch. otherwise it just tags along. good to see you here back again =)

  15. oh fuk.. i thought women were too engrossed in thier self pityness ,,that they wud never see the attrocities that they did on us men ,,,
    how the fuk did u write this ,,,??/
    look i don believe u wrote this on ur own ...
    but if u did i love u .will u marry me ,,!!

  16. hahaha!!!
    probably i had the chance to meet some 'men'!

    and for the question:

    *blush* =P

  17. haan..itz like "meri nazar se jo dekho.."

  18. hey I LIKED IT A LOT
    a new perspective to the way a man really is.............!!!!!!1