24 May 2010

Raindrops on My Windowpane

Don’t you feel jealous when they touch me like that?
When they feel my skin and wet it like that?
Doesn’t it hurt you to know that I revel in their sound and that your voice, in the song of the raindrops, dies out?
Do they mock you when I am theirs?

They do that to me…

I hate then when they feel your lips
I hate them charting their ways into your being
They kill me when they drown my sound;
They burn me when they touch you when I am not around.

Raindrops on my window panes live like me
One drop at a time, one moment it is
One moment they are born they fall and then die
They are no tear drops, no.
No children of desire they are; No wanting or need.
They are the result of a game played; of a connived history.

photo courtsey : ad-infinitum


  1. treasure the raindrops which fall of you
    for they touched what I crave.

    These are the lines I sang for her. I am not jealous of raindrops...they are the drops of my desire. I treasure them forever. admiring them, taking in their fragrance...for they were a part of her.

    This is a beautifully penned down piece...i dont have much to say here. probably coz this gets me thinkin in a different tangent alltogether.

    ps: like ur template...its like a mirror image of mine

  2. lucky 'her'
    and a different tangent hmm...elucidate.

    p.s. thanks.

  3. Have never looked at raindrops from this "angle". They have always been a "private" obsession for me. They do make me jealous though. May be that is why I am obsessed about them, the jealousy. Great poetry! :-)

  4. Simply outstandingly expressed!

    It’s so well dipped in love and passion that your words helped in creating a mind picture of all that you were writing!

  5. @Tapas: hello!
    i know raindrops have different meanings at different points in life...for different people.
    raindrops for once is suffering, for once romance.
    thnks =)

    @suruchi: =D thnks for saying that!!
    i wish the picture was just as pretty as i wanted it to be.

    @pavitra: thnks dear! =)

  6. I love this post.

    Have read and written and pondered and yearned and reminisced and pined so much over and with the rains....yet this is one facade that has never occurred to me.

    So wonderfully nostalgic, and gracefully demanding.

  7. @ pallivini di: you are a gem do you know that??
    how wonderfully put!
    thnks a ton for gracing my blog!
    hope to see you again here!

  8. oh i am jealous:P

    a surreal post

  9. AM I ?! Naah ! You're just being kind. :)

    And you milady is what is gracing this blog and feeding souls of ppl like me.

    You will see me for sure pretty woman. :)

  10. Very very well written!! Love the feeling behind it and the length is just perfect!

  11. @Mr Happy: i think i should say a thank you to that!! =)

    @pallavini di: *smile so wide* =D

    @tammana: lovely name there!
    thanks for appreciating and staying =)

  12. loved this piece...esp the last para

    just one word--beautiful!

  13. @pri: that is my fav part in the poem too!
    thnks for appreciating =)

  14. Thats a wonderful picture. I took a similar one sometime back too.

  15. @GR: yes. it is a pretty picture. thnks =)

  16. I always love to watch the rain! But raindrops are this much beautiful? beautiful pic!

  17. Wow....loved this! LOVED IT!

  18. @villageman: the pic is not mine!!
    yes raindrops are beautiful, beautifully sad and beautifully romantic =)

    @shanu: =) thanks!

  19. I like the raindrops on the other side of the windowpane..they look so beautiful, that i feel if i touch them i spoil their unadulterated beauty..

  20. @Krish: i know what you are saying =)

  21. No, I will not be jealous. I know that whenever they will touch you, you will end up craving more for me.... They will bring you to me..They are an ally ....