14 Jun 2010

bataun hain kya aansuon ki haqeeqat;
samjho to sab kuch na samjho to pani

i looked for you everywhere
deep within me. in my soul. my heart. my thoughts.
i looked for a picture of you. i looked for your trace.
i did not find you
a tear drop then formed in my eyes, rolled down kissing my cheeks and died on my lips.

yes there you were. 

you walked the shortest distance.
lived the shortest life.
you still are the teardrop that forms almost every night.
you are the teardrop laden with sighs, laced with a stringy nostalgia.
you are just a teardrop.
you are a teardrop nevertheless.
yes. the teardrop. 



  1. that was such an ouch post!!! totally unexpected also

  2. This reminds me of this. Someone called me a masochist in love. I am beginning to think, maybe.

    I hope you like it. Cz this poem goes str8 to my bookmarks.


  3. @pallavini di: "masochist" no one has yet called me that...but i think i am one.
    and that post was beautiful...i loved it.
    show me more, lest i miss them.

  4. @amayZing: why was that ouch?

  5. @pallavini di: there is this gazal by jagjit singh. lines are:

    Gulshan ki faqat phoolon se nahin kaaton se bhi zeenat hoti hai,
    jeene ke liye is duniya mein gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai.

    Ae waaiz-e-naadan karta hai tu ek qayamat ka charcha,
    yahan roz nigahen milti hain yahan roz qayamat hoti hai.

    Wo pursish-e-gham ko ayae hain kuch keh na sakoon chup reh na sakoon,
    khaamosh rahoon to mushkil hai keh doon to shikaayat hoti hai.

    Karna hi padega jabt-e-alam peene hi padenge ye aansoo,
    fariyaad-o-fugaan se aey naadaan tauheen-e-mohabbat hoti hai.

    Jo aake ruke daaman pe ‘Saba’ wo ashq nahin hai paani hai,
    jo ashq na chhalke aankhon se us ashq ki keemat hoti hai.


    goes with the line of thought...check it out.

  6. जीनत /zeenat= beauty
    वाइज़/waaiz= preacher

  7. Beautiful....
    So expressive and ethereal...
    You do it yet again!:-)

  8. Love it...absolutely love it! But I like your piece more. :P
    Will chk the song out.

    As for not wanting you missing out on my posts..hehehe...just click on my poetry label on my page, you'll find all the pieces. Poetry, ponderance and nostalgia labels have all my close-to-my-heart posts.

  9. Oh but you'll have to ignore my some of my old pieces of poetry, ones I wrote bk at college...now when I read them I kinda dont like them too much. Looks juvenile to me, dunno how you'd deem them.

  10. hehe you just compared my piece to a masterpiece =P
    thanks a ton! will do that for sure =)

    and well we all have had our days of juvenile poetry one piece was so bad that a friend said that in the comment box =P

    let me make up my mind on your earlier ones =)

    thanks again!

  11. hmmm.. i can't say i understood it all but it sounded quite striking to me..


  12. @Mr Happy: thnks =)

    @Rishi: lOOOng time since you were here eh?
    btw which one did u not understand?
    the one on comments section or the post?
    keep coming back =)