28 Jun 2010


picture this. you are standing at a place. there. that spot. the world around you is changing. running, walking, sprinting. people bumping into you all the time. but yet you are standing there still, still.
no matter the circumstances, no matter who last called out your name. no matter what you do, how much you do, you are standing there. 
no one cares to budge you. you don't find them enticing enough to let them.
you are still standing there. 
like time has stopped for you and yet at the same moment it stopped light years passed. 
you are still there. standing there. 



  1. is this being called stuck in the past or is that smthn different?

  2. @aMaYzing: it means your circumstances remaining the same, the thoughts remaining the same, you remaining the same..whether you are with someone or not....the fact that you are so stuck into your being that you cannot move/that you donot find a reason quite alluring enough to do so...

    actually does not mean anything so to say...
    just a picture.

    @Rishi: you did eh?
    how does it look?