30 Jun 2010

a star and the gray cloud.

him: u could be a star!

her: no.
       i can't shine that bright.
him:depends on who is looking at you...

her:i would rather be the gray cloud...
      you would love me when i come.
       you would drift in the hope i bring.
       you will cry foul when i burst out and destroy you...
       but then again...
       you will wait for me in anticipation of a havoc.
       you will miss me when i am gone



  1. did he ever dare to talk to her again?

  2. he did and how! he is aMayZingly strong hearted =P

  3. Awwww....VB,
    Okay...why be one when you can juggle “in-between”?
    Be the shining star sometime n then the gray cloud...
    Be the entire universe in one;-)

    Loved the lines below the header....
    “Find me somewhere in-between...in between the whites n blacks”
    Superb madam*bowing down to you*

  4. hey there =)

    Suruchi that is an awesome thought =)
    but then I cannot negate my own stance can I?

    actually i love those lines too =P
    thnks again!

  5. that is an awesome thought and something which often crosses my mind---stars are so many and so alike..they can be easily replaced!

    but wouldn't u rather be the rain the grey cloud brings along??

  6. yes, stars turn stale, you see them nevertheless, almost always...
    they shine the brightest but then they are for the keeps, they loose the charm as soon as you find another one...
    the gray cloud though will be remembered...it was the cause of satiation...

    no i cannot be the rain...i am not as special as the rain. the gray cloud and the rain are like, the poet and his verse, the artist and his art...beautiful by default...the poet and the artist are erring and almost always not as special.

    glad to see you here...

  7. "Love seeketh not Itself to please,
    Nor for itself hath any care;
    But for another gives its ease,
    And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair"

    The guy said it, in a single line. No matter you are the pouring gray, or the dazzling white of the night sky, it all depends on the eyes that look on to you.
    Her thoughts were gracious, but his intentions were pure! Thats what I felt while reading this.
    Nice read, short and sweet.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. him: you're good


  9. @anonymous someone:it was beautifully put.
    love is not all that glittery though.

    you write beautifully.
    nice to have you here...

  10. @Rishi: hehe!! that made me smile so wide =D