14 Jun 2010


the longing does not satiate
the inability to hold you kills me deep inside.
i haven't tasted your lips but i can feel them on my mouth. 
i haven't tasted your tongue but i can see it slithering inside me. 
to have your arms around me i would kill.

is it lust?
i disagree.
is it not?
  i cannot deny. 

your eyes lingered on my skin...
long enough to make me wet inside.
i bloated and floated at the same time. 
i shrunk and flew at the same time.

i haven't seen you in days it only adds to the delight. 
the sweet pang of being the kill that you left...left in the lurch to die.
agonized with misery, yet i look at myself with envy and pride.
you chose me to fall in the trap...hand-picked before you could have me tried. 

tourtured and tormented with tantalising thoughts of us close.
your eyes hyptonising me, ravaging me, feeling me.
all over me.

you all over me. 

her: "why should i stay in-satiated?
why ain't i allowed the philter?"

him: "what good is satiation?
what good are desires when fulfilled?"



  1. this was HAWWWWTTTTTT!!!! now u got me all longing!!!! awesome post...best i have read in a long time

  2. Okay, this is too literal for my taste. But I love the way you have let the thoughts flow in abandon. And Addiction is what becomes of it when you desires fulfilled. And oh, that's sweet pain or what.

  3. @amayZing: thank you.

    @pallavini di: it is literal on purpose. had to be raw. someone once told me that there is a beauty in rawness, that desires need not be masked in the flowery realms of language.
    thanks for appreciating it.

  4. Hi VB...
    This is super hot n passionate...
    And so very hungry for love!
    P.S.I did tell you that I copy your poems and send them as messages to my beloved on phone...hehe...and the rewards are purely mine;-)
    Wish I could share them with you!:-)

  5. yes you got it right. hungry for love! so much...
    this is like the best-est compliment i have received for my blog =D
    na dont share them with me...they are yours to keep =)

  6. Ah, the beauty of raw. That someone was right. Thing is I am drunk on metaphors. That is all.

  7. Girl..this is simply the best!!
    How many times should I thank you for having written something like this?!